"Thank you for a wonderful experience Clarissa! My back stiffness and shoulder pain immediately melted away and I haven't felt that relaxed in such a long time. I'm a practitioner and it was a nice change to be the client for once and not have to self-heal.  I highly recommend Clarissa for your healing needs.  She is a true professional and she will immediately make you at ease."  Grace Kim, www.thetahealinggroup.com

"Clarissa's intuitive abilities are the strongest, most genuine and most accurate I've had the pleasure to experience. From the moment I step into her office I can feel the energy radiating in the room. I don't even have to speak and she can sense what needs to be done. she is truly gifted. Her constant guidance, her divine advice and presence in my life are priceless." - Aliza Blair

"I wasn't sure what to expect with my first healing session with Clarissa, she made me feel relaxed and comfortable right away.  Clarissa was able to zone in on emotional blockages and underlying beliefs that have been holding me back.  I felt lighter and more confident after each session, like a weight had been lifted. Thank you! - Lynn Kubusch

"My experience with Zenergy Flow my first visit my whole body was blocked. I have no energy. I felt like my whole body was drained so I had the first session.  I learned so much about myself and by the time I leave the room I was so calm and came home. I realized in a few days that things started to change in my life for the better. I regained my energy and my confidence then I went back to my second session and to my surprise my whole body was unblocked and now I can see things more clearly. I wish I knew about Zenergy Flow before. It gave me the experience of a lifetime. - Pauline Burton

"What a positive experience I have had seeing Clarissa! After my first session with her I felt like a new woman. She helped me release all that has been bottled up inside me.  and that evening I slept the best sleep in years. My next couple of visit were just as positive. I have felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Always very professional and always making me feel comfortable. I would recommend any one to see Clarissa, as it was a life-changing experience for me. Thank you Clarissa! - Dona Falcone

" I've had the pleasure of seeing Clarissa multiple times and each session was very positive and uplifting. With each session I was able to experience clarity in both my personal and professional outlook. There has been amazing unknown revelations which Clarissa assisted me in understanding my inner self. It is a blessing to have someone gifted to provide guidance and help me unleash unwanted blockages. I highly recommend Clarissa for a professional healing experience." Sharon Philadelphia

"Clarissa is my spiritual mentor. She has been very influential in my spiritual awakening.  With her help, she has allowed my positive energy to release from within; to allow me to release the negative energy that has been keeping me back from the goals that I set to reach. A shift in consciousness only moves forward with the type of work that Clarissa is excellently executing and things only get better from here."  JustinQuilang